Who I Am

Who I Am
My name is Steve Mckenzy, I am a young and I am neither a dietician nor a fitness teacher. I am simply passionate. To talk to you a little about me, to know a little more about who I am, how I know what I know and why I'm talking about what I'm talking about, I invite you to read these few words about my story...

I was overweight as soon as I entered high school (the hardest years of my life) because of emotional concerns with my friends, a deep feeling of being comforted me in the food.

I have never been obese but overweight obvious and very badly in my skin, I cumulated all possible diets from 15 to 19 years to dive into anorexia. I started eating less and less, running away from food and that's when I discovered the world of fitness, I became addict. These years of food restriction led to cracking and daily binge eating for 1 year.

I managed to get out of it by questioning myself, love for my wife and the love of my wife gave me the strength and the urge to fight for me.

I then discovered the vegan diet and my eating disorders just disappeared, day after day. So I decided to create a channel on YouTube and a blog to share my desires, my experiences, my advice, my passion for sports and the one for cooking.

I like nature, animals, I like gardening, reading, tagging, I like hiking, dancing, I love music, I have a rabbit ram, it's a female and her name is Salsa, I have a dog adopted at the SPA called Grandpa (yes it's an old dog who was in rescue) I like the Pyrenees Orientales, my adoption department, I love Reunion Island, the island that saw me grow, I hate washing dishes, shopping but I love cooking and I love to eat according to my desires, I am messy but I have a big heart, I'm smiling and I love life but I'm also very fragile and very sensitive...

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