Journalist for ten years now for different media, I am also passionate about gym since my childhood. A sport that I practiced more than twenty years in a Ufolep club in the Paris region. Today, in parallel with my professional activities, I develop, as best as I can, this blog entirely dedicated to the news of the feminine and masculine artistic gymnastics.

On this blog, you will find interviews and portraits of gymnasts GAM and GAF ​​who mark the news or which marked the news in their time, the reports of competitions as well as subjects which will allow to better understand the world of the gym and discover those who are also evolving in the shadows.

I always thought that if one day I started in the world of blogging, it would be related to the gym. It's done. A project that is important to me and that I develop with passion, in my spare time.

So welcome to Gym and news and good readings!

Steve Meckenzy

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