What Fitness Equipment To Use

What Fitness Equipment To Use

Going to a gym for the first time can cause some apprehension. Why use all these fitness equipment? Which are the most effective? What benefits can I derive from each of them? The answer to these questions depends of course on the results you want.

The use of gym equipment is not just for experienced athletes. In fact, as a beginner, it may be interesting to use fitness equipment rather than weights, for example. Initially, you do not have enough strength, balance and freedom of movement to lift them. Devices are therefore a safer option.

But what fitness equipment to choose? The following equipment will help you train the right muscles and develop your strength.

1. Horizontal press
To strengthen the buttocks, hamstrings and calves. This is the perfect device to train your lower body and have a good base for squats.

2. Lat Pull-Down
For muscular shoulders and back muscles. By spreading or moving your hands together, you can make this movement more intense. This exercise is perfect to start.

3. Bicep bar
To strengthen the biceps. By playing with weight, you can make better use of these exercises. With this fitness machine, no need to lift dumbbells.

4. Triceps bar
To strengthen the triceps. It also allows you to change the weight you use. To do push-ups, push-ups and have strength in the arms, it is essential to have a strong triceps.

5. Bench Press 
To train chest, biceps and triceps. This device actually simulates the movement of a thrust. If you are just starting to exercise, it is necessary to develop your chest, your biceps and even your triceps to be able to make more complex movements later.

6. Rower (cardio)
To strengthen the body in its entirety and improve endurance. By using the rower, you train both the lower and upper body and therefore, you maintain a good physical shape.

As a rule, start training by working large muscle groups, and then finish with more concrete workouts that work on the smaller muscles. For example, train the big muscles of your back with the lat pull-down, the horizontal press and the triceps bar, then finish with the bench press and the biceps bar. What fitness equipment are you trying the most?

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