Tips: How To Lose Weight With Plants

Tips: How To Lose Weight With Plants

With the approach of summer, the desire to eliminate the few extra pounds resurfaced. Mate, guarana, konjac, griffonia, artichoke leaves and many plants promote weight loss through their appetite suppressant, fat burning, diuretic, improving intestinal transit, etc.

If there is no quick fix, let's see if herbal medicine can still be a boost for weight loss. Let's break the received ideas and speak true! 🙂

Is pineapple a good fat burner?
In pineapple bromelin is found, but it should be consumed in large quantities to have a possibly positive effect. This would involve consuming a lot of pineapple and therefore consuming a lot of sugar.

Bromelain capsule has not been proven effective. So, why not eat pineapple in reasonable quantity, the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed to better regulate its weight.

Diuretic plants lose weight?
Diuretic plants will drain the water from your body, but it will not allow you to lose weight permanently.

Diuretic herbs can be used as drainers for the body, so-called detoxification or detoxification (in quotation marks). In diuretic plant we advise you:

  1. Burdock
  2. Dandelion

Attention to endocrine disruptors:
Endocrine disrupters such as bisphenol A, polybromo, and their very harmful effects on health are topical.

When one is regularly exposed to these disrupters, the metabolism changes and one can gain weight.

Which plant rich in caffeine to slim down?
Choosing a product containing caffeine to lose weight is a very bad idea!

Indeed, it has been observed on cells in vitro that we managed to reduce a little fat, but to act in the body, it would take monstrous quantities!

Caffeine is bad for sleep disorders, for the heart, there is no need to turn to these products.

Is green tea slimming?
There is no evidence that green tea is slimming. This being the case, it is better to consume green tea than a soda . 😉

Does konjac make you lose weight?
Plant in the fashion, one finds it in many forms ( 3 € for 100 grams ), in supermarket, in parapharmacy.

Konjac containing glucomannan, consumed with water swells in the stomach, giving konjac this appetite suppressant, but is not without risk as explained in the report.

Replace the sugar with
The manna (which you will find in arborist) will give you a slightly sweet effect without too many calories. We also advise you to use these simple products to replace your sugar:

  • Cinnamon
  • Licorice (unless you have hypertension problems)

The queen of the meadows:
It has the characteristic of being anti-inflammatory. In herbal tea, it will help fight against the inflammatory aspect of cellulite.

We advise you to grow stevia  on your windows or balcony stevia plans. All you need to do is put a small leaf in your food to sweeten it naturally and without calorie.

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