The 4 Mistakes Often Made In Fitness

The 4 Mistakes Often Made In Fitness

Mincing, flattening the belly, removing cellulite, refine abs, etc. the benefits of fitness do not stop to surprise us. Unfortunately, some people do not always enjoy these benefits due to some mistakes made during their fitness session. We deliver in this article 4 of these errors, to avoid absolutely!

 1. Do the exercises on an empty stomach
Contrary to popular belief, playing fasting sports is not a good idea. If you want to train without problems and not succumb to fatigue throughout the effort, you should eat foods enriched with potassium and vitamin B (almonds, bananas) or energy bar before and after each session.

Consuming an excessive amount of food before the sport is also not advised. This can prevent you from perfectly performing your movements. Moreover, practicing sports without thinking of eating properly reduces significantly your chances of achieving your goals, whether weight loss or muscle toning.

Similarly, if you do not eat enough, you will probably run out of energy during workouts and instead of fat, you will lose muscles instead. However, do not swallow everything that comes to hand, claiming that you have a fitness session in the day. Always bet on healthy foods.

2. Want to do too much
It is only because you feel motivated that you will believe that you can surpass yourself. If you start with sessions that require too much effort, you will quickly become unmotivated. Do not go too hard right now and especially do not feel obliged to make feats from the beginning. Start slowly, with small 20-minute sessions. Then progress gradually to each fitness session until you find the perfect timing for your schedule.

Starting from the premise that sport is a source of fulfillment, doing too much from the first few sessions can be counterproductive. The risk of injury increases, performance weakens, the body becomes exhausted and motivation disappears. The best way to prevent this is to go at your own pace and run the sessions gradually.

Note that what counts is not the number of hours spent on the treadmill but the regularity of the sessions. No need to train for 2 hours in a row and then do no more sports for a dozen days. Just listen to your body and go smoothly.

3. Set impossible goals to reach
The more you play sports, the more you strengthen your cardio and the better you get, which may suggest that you have the opportunity to exceed its limits. Only you have to be aware of your physical abilities and know how far you can go.

If you have no idea of ​​the limits of your body, call a sports coach. It will help you establish a program that meets your needs, physical abilities and goals.

As some do, do not make the mistake of not warming up before the fitness session. This step is very important because when the muscles are heated, they become more flexible, more solid and it is easier to execute the movements.

4. Get used to the routine and drink little water
By always repeating the same exercises, you are likely to get bored very quickly. As a result, you will be able to quickly abandon the sport. To not install the routine, diversify your activities. Alternate between squats, gentle bodybuilding, abs and other fitness practices like the Swedish gym.

On the hydration side, we know that perspiration and sport are greatly linked. When you do physical activity, you sweat a lot. To compensate for this loss of fluid, drink enough water before, during and after the sessions. The water also allows to evacuate the toxins released into the body during the effort.

Note that the body needs about 2 liters of water a day to keep in perfect shape. A good reason to take your bottle of water everywhere including fitness classes!

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