Listen Music In The Gym

Listen Music In The Gym

Have you also noticed the power of music on your energy level? The perfect playlist can motivate you to provide even more effort. Listening to music in the gym has an influence on the intensity of your practice, your good mood and your motivation.

You've probably noticed that restaurants, shops and supermarkets often put music to influence the behavior of their customers.

Music in the gym
During the group sessions, the music played corresponds to the type of training you are attending. For example, you will surely listen to soothing meditation music during your yoga class. It helps you focus more. A playlist during a fitness session can be very motivating if the songs are well chosen.

Tempo and rhythm are the most important characteristics of training music. Most people instinctively synchronize their movements with music, tapping their feet, moving their heads or even dancing. Dance, pop and rock are the most popular styles of music during workouts. But to each his tastes! The benefits of a playlist in a gym session

  1. Music distracts you: gym songs make you less aware of your efforts, and happy, fast melodies help you focus more on the music instead of focusing on the pain or fatigue of strenuous exercise.
  2. The rhythm determines the tempo: it stimulates your brain during the training. This is especially beneficial during weight training or running because synchronizing with the rhythm of the songs helps you use your energy in a more stable and efficient way.
  3. Music increases your good mood: it's no secret! In a fitness session, people often listen to music to motivate themselves or to become aware of themselves. Listening to music in the gym allows you to be more focused, reducing negative thoughts and improving motivation.

Check out the Basic-Fit workout playlist on Spotify. You will find the music used in our GXR classes and other classes.

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