9 Stereotypes At The Gym!

9 Stereotypes At The Gym!

You who regularly go to the gym. You who train as often as you can. You do not always see them but they are there, present, all around you! You've already met them, maybe even that you're like them. Small anthology of personalities shot at the gym.

 1. The Wonder Woman
Sexy, muscular, not a trace of perspiration, perfect makeup, a neon bra and a trendy leggings. No doubt, you're facing Ms. Perfect. Overall, we do not like it too much. A look at the top, a flat stomach and hair that smell of Madagascar vanilla is too much for one person. In addition, she always manages to be in your field of vision with its perfection at the nut. It is undoubtedly a trap, mistrust. Ok, maybe it's jealousy...

2. The Mr. muscle
Hard to miss! Near him, we are obliged to calculate the number of us it would take to make one alone like him. How to recognize it? Most often his arm is the size of your head, there is a good chance for him to walk in marcel (all visible veins) and he often moves very slowly. However, nobody has ever seen him speak...

3. The noisy
He can not be seen but we hear him! The whole room is aware that it raises cast iron! He is often tattooed and shrieks a little scary animals.

4. Mr. lover lover

The serious look, the deep look, the mouth in a slight bump. Here is our Mr drag, our loveur, our Don Juan of the inflator. Admittedly, he too is a little too much, but he has real goals... Hunting. His motivation? Pretty shapes! This specimen who thinks he has the body of a Greek god rolls his muscles while admiring himself in the mirror! His technique, give advice to all pretty girls.

5. The tourist
He does not always know what he's doing there. The often haggard, bewildered, lost, the poor has often been engrained by a friend to test a course, or he has planted himself by looking at the schedule. He does not always dare to use the machines because he is afraid of not being able to do so most often he observes with the same suspicious air a little freaked out as people in the tail of an attraction. Two options are available to him, discreetly go in moonwalk or stay until the end, even discovering a new passion.

6. Mr. bullshit

Sorry, gentlemen, but we're still dealing more with a cheater than a cheater, though the trend is changing. This profile is found more in the courts with a chrono type circuit training, and obviously the cheater hate to arrive last or be doubled. So he does not do the number of burpees asked or blew some tractions. Where it's funny is that he thinks we do not see him doing it. Except that when we see that he finishes a workshop after us but chained to the one before us, we allow ourselves to display it.

7. The clumsy
Missing during a box jump, falling in full kick jumped on a Body-Combat is his specialty. Visibly accustomed to bowls, he gets up without moaning because he often does not hurt himself. In addition to being clumsy, he has bad luck: a broken rope? A pierced weight? An elastic that tears in full abs? It's for his apple. Good composition he laughs and in fact is very sociable. Besides, we like to have it in class with us because it acts as a lightning rod.

8. The Talkative

While everything is quiet in the room, that everyone is focused on his exercises, a slight background noise reaches you: the pipelettes are there! And everything goes: guys, girlfriends, ex, the job, the super Vietnamese restaurant, we can not help but listen. At the same time we like the talkative, it often makes us think of something else and it changes the playlist "100% Motivation! "

9. The invisible
He, you will never see him! It's your friend who can not train because he still has knee pain (it's going to be 6 years old anyway), or your girlfriend who can not start again because she has never time! So can not wait to return to the room to observe all this beautiful people? And what category do you belong to?

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