Late results? Here are 4 reasons

Your results are waiting? Did you train for an hour without observing a change? Listen to our tips to optimize your sessions, here are 4 reasons for late results:

1. Train regularly
With regular training and a balanced diet, your results will come faster than expected! Two 10-minute workouts over a week will be more effective than one of 20 minutes. It is by regularly soliciting the muscles that the results will come. Prepare a schedule quickly with at least two trainings a week (Wednesday and Saturday / Sunday for example).

2. Take your time
Depending on your level, spend more time on your exercises. As soon as you are a beginner, it is perfectly normal to experience difficulties during an exercise. Slowly but surely, take your time! Forcing yourself may be counterproductive, learn to know your limits and push them each time realistically.

3. Stay hydrated
Dehydration is one of the main factors of the underperformance that can even be dangerous for the athlete's health: cramps, muscular injuries, malaise, dizziness. Hydrate yourself well before / during / after training with water spring, mineral, salty or an energy drink (with little sugar). Avoid cold, sour and carbonated drinks. Good hydration is correct if the urine is clear. If not, drink again before going to bed.

4. Take care of yourself
The results are even more effective than you eat balanced. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is above all listening to the needs of your body without going through deprivation! Indeed, it is possible to eat healthy and have fun at the same time! Check out our articles and the "nutrition" part directly in our app!

And most importantly, be happy!
Top 5 psychological benefits of fitness

It is not surprising to know that fitness and sports in general, have positive effects on your physical health. But there is even more good news for you! In recent years, research has highlighted the positive effects of fitness on your mental health. Here are the top 5 psychological benefits of fitness!

1. Raise moral
You wish to burst of happiness and reach the apotheosis? Then get involved in a physical activity such as fitness. Play sports, practice at home, go to the gym or go for a walk. Physical activity triggers chemical compounds in your brain that will make you feel happier and more relaxed. In addition, the sport releases endorphins, which in turn create the feeling of happiness and joy  and increase the level of neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. These influence your energy level and your good mood after a hard workout.

However, stress and depression can influence how your brain works and can also change the behavior of your brain. This means that skipping your sports sessions, when you feel depressed, can prolong your bad mood for a while longer. The more exercise you do, the more your body will produce chemical compounds that make you happy . This explains why some people may have the impression of having an addiction: " I need to play sports, otherwise I feel unwell ".

Do not just think of fitness as a way to lose weight and have a dream body, it can also help you feel better. A more rhythmic physical activity, accelerating the heart rate, is a very effective way to change mood quickly. Have you ever thought of running away from your job or maybe you've done it before? This feeling of freedom and joy after running away from a multitude of things that annoy you. A physical effort can actually help you change your mood and make you feel strong, confident and ready to go anywhere!

2. Improve concentration
During a physical activity, it is not only your muscles that receive a steady flow of oxygenated blood, but also your brain. Fitness will therefore increase the level of a neurotransmitter called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which encourages the creation and survival of neurons and improves the transmission of signals from the nervous system to the brain. through the brain. That's why a hard training session can leave you in the end in a state of bliss.

In addition, attempting new exercise programs can develop new synapses (region of interaction between two nerve cells through which the chemical message passes) and thereby enhance cognitive functions in order to successfully execute the movements. So try doing long training sessions with different types of exercises, maybe you'll get a Nobel Prize!

3. Reduce stress and depression
Difficult day at the office? Walk, go to the gym or use a fitness app at home (of course we suggest 101 Fitness ) for a quick session. One of the most common psychological benefits of fitness is stress relief . Doing fitness until you sweat helps you fight against physical and mental stress. It also increases the concentration of norepinephrine, a chemical compound that helps your brain respond better to stress. So, go ahead and sweat!

However, scientists agree that further research is needed to determine the causal relationship between fitness and depression on a life-size test, which takes time, since many factors (social, diet, sleep, other addiction etc.) .) interfere in the fight against depression.

4. Improve sleep
Fitness and other sports improve the quality of your sleep by helping you fall asleep faster and more deeply. Better sleep also improves your psychological health the next day as well as your mood. So a good sleep habit has a positive impact on you : faster physical results, better mood, more toned skin, more energy, etc.

For some, moderate training can be the equivalent of a sleeping pill, even for people with insomnia. When the body temperature returns to normal a few hours later, it indicates that it is time to go to bed. Be careful not to practice fitness or other sports too late at night. Evening practices a few hours before sleep can leave you in a state too dynamic to fall asleep, 5 or 6 hours before being the perfect time.

We recommend the following diagram if you want to practice the sport at the end of the day: fitness, stretching, shower, dinner, rest / walk (and last stretch if forgotten) and finally go to sleep.

5. Boost self-confidence
Regular physical activity, like fitness, can boost your confidence and self-esteem. As your strength, skills, and stamina increase with your fitness practice, your outlook on you also changes positively. With this renewed vitality and overflowing energy, you are more apt to succeed any physical feat (open a bowl of gherkin for example). From success to success, nothing will stop you!

Regardless of weight, height, sex and age, fitness can quickly also improve the perception of your physical attractiveness. Being good in your body, there is all the interest of fitness. Do not try at all costs to do this for others, but do it for yourself . Attracting attention and hearing positive comments about your body often seem to make you happy and make you more confident, but for others not. Today is the time to start and to have no excuse. You can succeed in getting the body you want to have!
Fitness and vegetarian diet?

Blogs, social networks, vegetarian food seems to be everywhere. This is particularly true for the fitness sphere, of which more and more people are adopting a vegetarian diet. On paper, it's simple: no meat and sometimes, but more rarely, no fish. Eggs, dairy products and honey are spared.

Can we be vegetarian and play sports?
In itself, any diet, as long as it is balanced, is compatible with a sport. You just have to pay attention to balance your contributions in macro and micro nutrients. What does this mean exactly?

The diet is divided into three main families of macro nutrients: carbohydrates, lipids and proteins . It is the balance between these three elements that constitutes a balanced diet, which will give you enough energy to train and develop your muscle mass.

• Proteins
The first questions we ask ourselves when we want to become vegetarian and that we are athletic is "will not I run out of protein? "Can I get muscle if I do not eat meat?". First of all, remember that meats and fish are not the only sources of protein! You can easily find them in eggs, dairy products or cereal-legume combinations. On the other hand, if you have intensive training, you must pay attention to your protein intake, which must be sufficient. One trick is to choose foods that are rich in carbohydrates and proteins such as quinoa or lentils. Or you can choose meat alternatives, with the same energy profile as meat,

• Carbohydrates
Vegetarian diets are, by definition, rich in varied and essential carbohydrates: fruits, vegetables, cereals, pasta, bread. Carbohydrates are our main source of energy and that is why they must constitute the majority of our daily energy intake, up to 50 or 60%.

• Lipids
More commonly known as fatty acids or fats. Just like carbohydrates, lipids are an essential source of energy for our body. But not all lipids are equal. Saturated and trans fatty acids raise the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. You can find good fat in dried fruits, seeds, avocados, olives. Add a little to each of your dishes!

One of the advantages of choosing a vegetarian diet is that it is full of micronutrients: legumes (plants whose fruits are contained in pods), cereals, vegetables and fruits will allow you to refuel vitamins, calcium and other antioxidants.

So no reason to think that it is not possible to be a vegetarian and practice sport regularly. If you are afraid of not having enough energy with such a diet, think of recognized athletes like Sury Bonaly or Chris Campbell. If they have managed to reconcile vegetarian and high-level sports , why not you? Keep in mind that such athletes are mentored by a team of doctors and nutritionists and do not do anything with their diet.

Vegetarian diet and weight loss
Becoming a vegetarian can help you achieve your goals. Indeed, many are the ones who feel better or lose a few pounds when they eat a vegetarian diet. But this does not mean that it is the miracle solution. Vegetarians are generally more likely to eat a balanced diet and read the labels of the products they buy.

In addition to this, the vegetarian diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, antioxidants and is less rich in saturated fatty acids. In this respect, it is true that being a vegetarian reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even certain cancers! On the other hand, a healthy and vegetarian diet is not automatic: junk food or overeating is not incompatible with a vegetarian diet.

Some examples of vegetarian recipes perfect for fitness
You can find these recipes and many more on the 101fitness app. Here is an example of a 100% vegetarian day :

• Breakfast - Oatmeal Pancakes

vegetarian diet: oat flake pancake

  • 180g oat flakes 
  • 1 egg 
  • 1 teaspoon sugar (optional) 
  • 40 cl milk (animal or vegetable) 
  • 1 pinch of salt

  1. In a bowl, mix oats, milk, sugar and salt. 
  2. Add the egg to the mixture. 
  3. Let stand overnight. 
  4. The next day, in a non-stick pan, cook the mixture in small piles. 
  5. When you see bubbles forming on the surface, flip the pancake over.

• Lunch - Rice salad with avocado and mushrooms

vegetarian diet: rice salad

Ingredients for 4 people: 
  • 2 avocados 
  • 2 tomatoes 
  • 200g Basmati rice 
  • 30g mushrooms Paris 
  • Vinaigrette with rapeseed oil, ginger and chives 
  • Some coriander leaves 
  • The juice of two oranges

  1. To prepare the mushrooms, cut them into thin slices, sprinkle them with orange juice and reserve in a cool place. 
  2. Wash the rice to remove the starch, then cook. 
  3. In a big salad bowl, pour the warm rice, add the avocados and tomatoes, cut in small cubes, as well as the mushrooms. 
  4. Season with the vinaigrette and enjoy.

• Taste - Carrots and hummus sticks

Taste - Carrots and hummus sticks

Ingredients for 4 people:
  • 300g chickpeas cooked and drained (keep some cooking water) 
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons Tahin (sesame cream) 
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon 
  • Olive oil 
  • 1 teaspoon of salt 
  • 1 tablespoon of cumin 
  • 1 clove of garlic 
  • Carrots

  1. Put all the ingredients except the carrots in a blender and mix. 
  2. Pour into a bowl and dip in your carrot sticks.

• Evening meal - Penne primavera

Evening meal - Penne primavera

Ingredients for 2 people:
  • 100g of whole pasta 
  • 10 cherry tomatoes 
  • 100g of mangetout peas 
  • 100g of broccoli 
  • 1 red or green pepper 
  • 30g parmesan 
  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 handful of fresh basil 
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil 
  • Pepper 
  • Salt

  1. Cook pasta a minute less than what the package recommends. 
  2. Cut the tomatoes in half. 
  3. Cut the pepper into a slice. 
  4. Cut the broccoli in floret. 
  5. Grate the zest of the lemon. 
  6. Grate the parmesan cheese. 
  7. Cut the basil into pieces. 
  8. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. 
  9. Add the pepper rings and sauté for 30 seconds. 
  10. Add tomatoes, broccoli and mangetout peas and sauté for about 3 minutes with salt and pepper. 
  11. Add the pasta and lemon zest and mix well for 1 minute.

Vegetarian or vegan?
The essential difference between the two is that veganism excludes any animal product but also any product of animal origin, which excludes dairy products, eggs and honey. Being 100% vegan is very difficult to live with every day, especially if you want to eat out with family or friends. However, more and more vegetarian and vegan restaurants are starting to grow around the world. Before embarking on an overly restrictive diet, think carefully about your deep motivations. And above all, do not start a diet in which you feel deprivation.

If after reading this article you still do not know if you should take the plunge and adopt a vegetarian diet, you can still do a test over a short period of time. Start with two or three weeks and you will see if it suits you. Be aware, however, that what will work for your neighbor will not necessarily work for you so do not blindly trust what you can read or see, trust your feelings first and foremost, in short, listen to yourself!
Top 8 exercises to find the line before the summer

With the return of the beautiful days you have only one desire: to do exercises to find the line before the summer by toning and burning the fat of the last months. Start by removing an idea from the head: it is not possible to lose weight locally. No, no! You can make 50000 abs, it is not that which will make you lose belly. Life is unfair but that's the way it is, when you lose weight, the body does it in a global way.

We will however give you some very effective tips for burning calories and reaching your goals before this summer! Do these 8 exercises regularly and you will quickly get results.

1. Running to lose weight
Whether running, biking or swimming, any cardio exercise will do the trick. There is no secret, if you want to lose weight, you will have to sweat . To motivate yourself, imagine that when you sweat it's the calories that evaporate. Running, in addition to "melting", is very beneficial for your heart (which is a muscle reminder) and for your endurance. And without hardware: just put on your pair of running shoes and go.

Be careful, do not start too fast either, or you'll be ruined by the race forever. The first few times, identify and evaluate how long you can run before it becomes too painful. Imagine that you can run 20 minutes without much effort. Try to run 2 to 3 times a week at this pace. Then every two weeks, add 5 minutes to your running time. This will allow you to progress at your own pace and without even realizing it. In a few months you will be able to run an hour easily! Remember also that the first 10 minutes of racing are always the most difficult. Indeed, the body is conditioned in running mode and therefore needs a time of adaptation. Be careful, running can be traumatic for your joints so go slowly if you have knee or ankle problems.

2. 30 sec sheathing / day
The cladding is a particularly daunting exercise. It works your muscles deeply, which will give you a more toned and help you to have a better posture, since it engages the muscles of the back. Particularly satisfying, this exercise quickly brings results and even by doing only 30 seconds a day, you will manage to hold much longer in a few weeks.

The board is the quilting exercise par excellence , easy and practical. Face down, hold your weight on your forearms and toes. You must contract your abs and keep your head in alignment with the spine. It's a so-called "static" exercise so you do not have to move, the simple fact of maintaining the position is enough to work your muscles.

There are multiple cladding exercises to vary the pleasures : board on the side, board on the hands, or the Spiderman board, terribly effective against the handles of love.

3. Burpees: you will love them as much as you hate them
The burpees are unquestionably what is best in exercise body weight to burn calories and reshape you. This exercise works almost all the muscles of your body: shoulders, abdominals, glutes, thighs for the principal ones. Very tiring, the burpees require a lot of energy. It is for their effectiveness that they are integrated into the training of most athletes and the military. They are nevertheless within the reach of all. One rule to be respected for them to be effective and to lose weight: to chain them quickly.

To start, stand in a squat position with your hands on both sides of your feet. Send your feet back and land in plank position. Then bring your feet back to the squat position. Chase immediately with a jump in the air, bringing your hands over your head. Then repeat as many times as you need to do repetitions.

If you want to add an additional difficulty, you can perform a pump when you are in the board position, before returning to the squat position.

4. Slots for buttocks and dreamy thighs
Who does not want buttocks and thighs perfectly shapely for this summer? The slots are perfect for working these areas, without getting too much volume. It's a simple exercise to understand and perform, but be careful not to hurt yourself.

Stand with legs shoulder width apart, put your hands on your hips. Take a step forward and descend until your legs reach a 90° angle (be careful, the knee of the front leg should not exceed the alignment with the toes). Then straighten up and return to the initial position. Do not forget to keep the abdominals tight throughout the movement if you want a flat belly!

If exercise seems too easy, you can add a little weight with dumbbells or ankle weights if you have some.

5. Squats will never let you down
Squats have an excellent reputation and it is not a coincidence. This is the ultimate exercise for glutes and legs. Indeed, squats work all the lower part of the body and the flexibility of the joints! It is with practice that you can go lower and lower on your squats, which will make you work even more.

Standing, legs apart shoulder width (barely more), push your hips and buttocks back and go down as if you wanted to sit on an invisible chair. Stay as straight as possible and look ahead.

No risk of getting bored with squats as there are variations: sumo squats with feet wide apart, skipped squats that will work your cardio and many more.

6. Mountain climbers
The mountain climbers are very effective to find the line because they can both burn calories and tone the abdominal muscles. It is a very complete exercise, which involves work on the shoulders but also triceps and hips. Not to mention that to be effective, the mountain climbers must be fast which makes it a very good cardio exercise. Finally, you can do them everywhere, on the floor, you do not even need a sports mat.

In the plank position on the hands, bring back one after the other your legs bent at your elbows. Depending on your flexibility, touch your elbow with your knee before changing your leg.

Do not be fooled by the apparent ease of this exercise, its interest lies in its intensity. The faster you go in your sequences, the more calories you burn !

7. Jumping jacks, the best anti-cellulite
 As easy as effective, jumping jacks are among the most popular exercises in fitness. They work both the upper and the lower part of your body, for a toned and refined body as a whole, and a very appreciable anti-cellulite effect . That's why they are often part of the warm-ups and do not hesitate to integrate them into their fitness routine.

Standing, feet together, knees slightly bent, make a jump. During this jump, spread your feet a little more than the width of your shoulders while your hands meet over your head. Jump again to return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

Finally, it is simply a jump so contract your glutes and chaine the jumping jacks as quickly as possible for more intensity.

8. Do not forget the pumps!
This is our favorite exercise for several reasons. First, because they can be done without equipment, anywhere and at any time . Then because they mobilize all the upper body very effectively. If you do not have enough strength in your arms and shoulders, you can start with an adapted version of the pumps, made according to what suits you best!

In the plank position, on the hands, go down until your chest reaches the ground and then go up with the arms. You must be well-wrapped, your body must form a straight line.

To simplify the movement, you can perform the pumps on the knees which will relieve a little upper body. If this is too simple, an intermediate version is to perform the pumps on the feet but by spreading the legs. If conventional pumps are too easy for you, you can increase the difficulty by adding a jump or moving your hands between each repetition.
How to be reconciled with sport?

It's back to school and it's an opportunity to make new resolutions like reconciling with the sport to eliminate its extra pounds. To help you meet this challenge, in other words to get you started again without difficulty in sport, here are some recommendations to follow to the letter.

Choose your sport activity
Sports activities are multiple and each of them responds to a specific need. For fast weight loss, cardio sports such as walking and running are preferred.

If you want to strengthen your figure, bodybuilding is perfect for you. If your goal is to fight stress, opt for yoga and pilates. To let off steam, a group activity similar to zumba is a good solution. Finally, for people who are tired of their cellulite, water sports similar to swimming and aquabike do wonders in terms of eradicating this problem.

Sport is the only way to increase your energy costs. If you associate it with a good diet, then you have the perfect recipe to ensure the balance of your body. On the other hand, physical activities are a way to relax your joints and work your balance.

Try the sport at home
To be reconciled with the sport, some people prefer to turn to the sport at home. With this option, no need to subscribe to a gym. All you need to do is use a guide that contains a set of sessions to be practiced at home every day for a period of 12 weeks. In addition to saving you money, this method will also save you time and give you the freedom to plan your sessions.

For the first sessions, your goals should be particularly short and achievable. This will allow you to reconnect more easily with the sport and to observe more closely your progress.

Conversely, if you want to enjoy the sun, cycling, walking and rollerblading are activities that may interest you. They have the particularity of fortifying the cardiovascular system, while soliciting the largest number of muscles. As for gym sessions, they are more focused on fitness and well-being.

Start smoothly
If the sport has been put aside during all holidays, it is useless to start its sports season with daily sessions of 1 hour. This can quickly demotivate you and you will be exhausted after a few days. It is therefore better to restart the sport smoothly, by re-inserting permanent and gradually accentuated sessions.

Regular physical activity is probably one of the first rules to be followed when considering reconciliation with sport. Do not inflict long sessions. Instead, schedule three weekly sports sessions lasting at least 30 minutes. If you stay three months without exercising a sport, you will lose all the benefits obtained in previous sessions.

Eat balanced to be on top of your fitness
Food plays a prominent role in sports. Eating healthy and varied menus maximizes physical abilities during training. It is also this balanced diet that melts superfluous kilos. Do not go for a diet. A coherent food rebalancing is more than enough to regain a better shape.

Eat balanced to be on top of your fitness

To better reconcile with the sport, eat your meals at regular times without excessive. Decorate them with herbs and cook them if possible with vegetable oils. And above all, introduce plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables (pineapple, mango, etc.) into your recipes. 

Reconcile with sport, a good resolution to feel good
During physical exercise, the brain releases essentially endorphins. Once secreted, these molecules act directly within the central nervous system and produce a sensation of well-being. Sport is therefore a stimulator of good mood. The proof: one always feels better and his morale is at the best after a fitness session.

In addition, the sport is healthy because it protects the bones, muscles and improves the immune system. He also participates in stress management and fights against anxiety and anxiety.

For a good start to the sport, consider doing a complete medical check-up, especially if you have not started any physical activity for a while. Provide as much information as you can to your doctor. After this development, you will be more focused on your physical requirements.

Being reconciled with the sport is a very good decision to start this back to school. These tips will surely help you to complete your sports recovery. Finally, keep in mind these basic principles: warm up before the session to prepare yourself physically and mentally and stretch afterwards to counter the appearance of sprains, injuries and body aches. 
The 4 Mistakes Often Made In Fitness

Mincing, flattening the belly, removing cellulite, refine abs, etc. the benefits of fitness do not stop to surprise us. Unfortunately, some people do not always enjoy these benefits due to some mistakes made during their fitness session. We deliver in this article 4 of these errors, to avoid absolutely!

 1. Do the exercises on an empty stomach
Contrary to popular belief, playing fasting sports is not a good idea. If you want to train without problems and not succumb to fatigue throughout the effort, you should eat foods enriched with potassium and vitamin B (almonds, bananas) or energy bar before and after each session.

Consuming an excessive amount of food before the sport is also not advised. This can prevent you from perfectly performing your movements. Moreover, practicing sports without thinking of eating properly reduces significantly your chances of achieving your goals, whether weight loss or muscle toning.

Similarly, if you do not eat enough, you will probably run out of energy during workouts and instead of fat, you will lose muscles instead. However, do not swallow everything that comes to hand, claiming that you have a fitness session in the day. Always bet on healthy foods.

2. Want to do too much
It is only because you feel motivated that you will believe that you can surpass yourself. If you start with sessions that require too much effort, you will quickly become unmotivated. Do not go too hard right now and especially do not feel obliged to make feats from the beginning. Start slowly, with small 20-minute sessions. Then progress gradually to each fitness session until you find the perfect timing for your schedule.

Starting from the premise that sport is a source of fulfillment, doing too much from the first few sessions can be counterproductive. The risk of injury increases, performance weakens, the body becomes exhausted and motivation disappears. The best way to prevent this is to go at your own pace and run the sessions gradually.

Note that what counts is not the number of hours spent on the treadmill but the regularity of the sessions. No need to train for 2 hours in a row and then do no more sports for a dozen days. Just listen to your body and go smoothly.

3. Set impossible goals to reach
The more you play sports, the more you strengthen your cardio and the better you get, which may suggest that you have the opportunity to exceed its limits. Only you have to be aware of your physical abilities and know how far you can go.

If you have no idea of ​​the limits of your body, call a sports coach. It will help you establish a program that meets your needs, physical abilities and goals.

As some do, do not make the mistake of not warming up before the fitness session. This step is very important because when the muscles are heated, they become more flexible, more solid and it is easier to execute the movements.

4. Get used to the routine and drink little water
By always repeating the same exercises, you are likely to get bored very quickly. As a result, you will be able to quickly abandon the sport. To not install the routine, diversify your activities. Alternate between squats, gentle bodybuilding, abs and other fitness practices like the Swedish gym.

On the hydration side, we know that perspiration and sport are greatly linked. When you do physical activity, you sweat a lot. To compensate for this loss of fluid, drink enough water before, during and after the sessions. The water also allows to evacuate the toxins released into the body during the effort.

Note that the body needs about 2 liters of water a day to keep in perfect shape. A good reason to take your bottle of water everywhere including fitness classes!
Tips: How To Lose Weight With Plants

With the approach of summer, the desire to eliminate the few extra pounds resurfaced. Mate, guarana, konjac, griffonia, artichoke leaves and many plants promote weight loss through their appetite suppressant, fat burning, diuretic, improving intestinal transit, etc.

If there is no quick fix, let's see if herbal medicine can still be a boost for weight loss. Let's break the received ideas and speak true! 🙂

Is pineapple a good fat burner?
In pineapple bromelin is found, but it should be consumed in large quantities to have a possibly positive effect. This would involve consuming a lot of pineapple and therefore consuming a lot of sugar.

Bromelain capsule has not been proven effective. So, why not eat pineapple in reasonable quantity, the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed to better regulate its weight.

Diuretic plants lose weight?
Diuretic plants will drain the water from your body, but it will not allow you to lose weight permanently.

Diuretic herbs can be used as drainers for the body, so-called detoxification or detoxification (in quotation marks). In diuretic plant we advise you:

  1. Burdock
  2. Dandelion

Attention to endocrine disruptors:
Endocrine disrupters such as bisphenol A, polybromo, and their very harmful effects on health are topical.

When one is regularly exposed to these disrupters, the metabolism changes and one can gain weight.

Which plant rich in caffeine to slim down?
Choosing a product containing caffeine to lose weight is a very bad idea!

Indeed, it has been observed on cells in vitro that we managed to reduce a little fat, but to act in the body, it would take monstrous quantities!

Caffeine is bad for sleep disorders, for the heart, there is no need to turn to these products.

Is green tea slimming?
There is no evidence that green tea is slimming. This being the case, it is better to consume green tea than a soda . 😉

Does konjac make you lose weight?
Plant in the fashion, one finds it in many forms ( 3 € for 100 grams ), in supermarket, in parapharmacy.

Konjac containing glucomannan, consumed with water swells in the stomach, giving konjac this appetite suppressant, but is not without risk as explained in the report.

Replace the sugar with
The manna (which you will find in arborist) will give you a slightly sweet effect without too many calories. We also advise you to use these simple products to replace your sugar:

  • Cinnamon
  • Licorice (unless you have hypertension problems)

The queen of the meadows:
It has the characteristic of being anti-inflammatory. In herbal tea, it will help fight against the inflammatory aspect of cellulite.

We advise you to grow stevia  on your windows or balcony stevia plans. All you need to do is put a small leaf in your food to sweeten it naturally and without calorie.
Listen Music In The Gym

Have you also noticed the power of music on your energy level? The perfect playlist can motivate you to provide even more effort. Listening to music in the gym has an influence on the intensity of your practice, your good mood and your motivation.

You've probably noticed that restaurants, shops and supermarkets often put music to influence the behavior of their customers.

Music in the gym
During the group sessions, the music played corresponds to the type of training you are attending. For example, you will surely listen to soothing meditation music during your yoga class. It helps you focus more. A playlist during a fitness session can be very motivating if the songs are well chosen.

Tempo and rhythm are the most important characteristics of training music. Most people instinctively synchronize their movements with music, tapping their feet, moving their heads or even dancing. Dance, pop and rock are the most popular styles of music during workouts. But to each his tastes! The benefits of a playlist in a gym session

  1. Music distracts you: gym songs make you less aware of your efforts, and happy, fast melodies help you focus more on the music instead of focusing on the pain or fatigue of strenuous exercise.
  2. The rhythm determines the tempo: it stimulates your brain during the training. This is especially beneficial during weight training or running because synchronizing with the rhythm of the songs helps you use your energy in a more stable and efficient way.
  3. Music increases your good mood: it's no secret! In a fitness session, people often listen to music to motivate themselves or to become aware of themselves. Listening to music in the gym allows you to be more focused, reducing negative thoughts and improving motivation.

Check out the Basic-Fit workout playlist on Spotify. You will find the music used in our GXR classes and other classes.
What Fitness Equipment To Use

Going to a gym for the first time can cause some apprehension. Why use all these fitness equipment? Which are the most effective? What benefits can I derive from each of them? The answer to these questions depends of course on the results you want.

The use of gym equipment is not just for experienced athletes. In fact, as a beginner, it may be interesting to use fitness equipment rather than weights, for example. Initially, you do not have enough strength, balance and freedom of movement to lift them. Devices are therefore a safer option.

But what fitness equipment to choose? The following equipment will help you train the right muscles and develop your strength.

1. Horizontal press
To strengthen the buttocks, hamstrings and calves. This is the perfect device to train your lower body and have a good base for squats.

2. Lat Pull-Down
For muscular shoulders and back muscles. By spreading or moving your hands together, you can make this movement more intense. This exercise is perfect to start.

3. Bicep bar
To strengthen the biceps. By playing with weight, you can make better use of these exercises. With this fitness machine, no need to lift dumbbells.

4. Triceps bar
To strengthen the triceps. It also allows you to change the weight you use. To do push-ups, push-ups and have strength in the arms, it is essential to have a strong triceps.

5. Bench Press 
To train chest, biceps and triceps. This device actually simulates the movement of a thrust. If you are just starting to exercise, it is necessary to develop your chest, your biceps and even your triceps to be able to make more complex movements later.

6. Rower (cardio)
To strengthen the body in its entirety and improve endurance. By using the rower, you train both the lower and upper body and therefore, you maintain a good physical shape.

As a rule, start training by working large muscle groups, and then finish with more concrete workouts that work on the smaller muscles. For example, train the big muscles of your back with the lat pull-down, the horizontal press and the triceps bar, then finish with the bench press and the biceps bar. What fitness equipment are you trying the most?
9 Stereotypes At The Gym!

You who regularly go to the gym. You who train as often as you can. You do not always see them but they are there, present, all around you! You've already met them, maybe even that you're like them. Small anthology of personalities shot at the gym.

 1. The Wonder Woman
Sexy, muscular, not a trace of perspiration, perfect makeup, a neon bra and a trendy leggings. No doubt, you're facing Ms. Perfect. Overall, we do not like it too much. A look at the top, a flat stomach and hair that smell of Madagascar vanilla is too much for one person. In addition, she always manages to be in your field of vision with its perfection at the nut. It is undoubtedly a trap, mistrust. Ok, maybe it's jealousy...

2. The Mr. muscle
Hard to miss! Near him, we are obliged to calculate the number of us it would take to make one alone like him. How to recognize it? Most often his arm is the size of your head, there is a good chance for him to walk in marcel (all visible veins) and he often moves very slowly. However, nobody has ever seen him speak...

3. The noisy
He can not be seen but we hear him! The whole room is aware that it raises cast iron! He is often tattooed and shrieks a little scary animals.

4. Mr. lover lover

The serious look, the deep look, the mouth in a slight bump. Here is our Mr drag, our loveur, our Don Juan of the inflator. Admittedly, he too is a little too much, but he has real goals... Hunting. His motivation? Pretty shapes! This specimen who thinks he has the body of a Greek god rolls his muscles while admiring himself in the mirror! His technique, give advice to all pretty girls.

5. The tourist
He does not always know what he's doing there. The often haggard, bewildered, lost, the poor has often been engrained by a friend to test a course, or he has planted himself by looking at the schedule. He does not always dare to use the machines because he is afraid of not being able to do so most often he observes with the same suspicious air a little freaked out as people in the tail of an attraction. Two options are available to him, discreetly go in moonwalk or stay until the end, even discovering a new passion.

6. Mr. bullshit

Sorry, gentlemen, but we're still dealing more with a cheater than a cheater, though the trend is changing. This profile is found more in the courts with a chrono type circuit training, and obviously the cheater hate to arrive last or be doubled. So he does not do the number of burpees asked or blew some tractions. Where it's funny is that he thinks we do not see him doing it. Except that when we see that he finishes a workshop after us but chained to the one before us, we allow ourselves to display it.

7. The clumsy
Missing during a box jump, falling in full kick jumped on a Body-Combat is his specialty. Visibly accustomed to bowls, he gets up without moaning because he often does not hurt himself. In addition to being clumsy, he has bad luck: a broken rope? A pierced weight? An elastic that tears in full abs? It's for his apple. Good composition he laughs and in fact is very sociable. Besides, we like to have it in class with us because it acts as a lightning rod.

8. The Talkative

While everything is quiet in the room, that everyone is focused on his exercises, a slight background noise reaches you: the pipelettes are there! And everything goes: guys, girlfriends, ex, the job, the super Vietnamese restaurant, we can not help but listen. At the same time we like the talkative, it often makes us think of something else and it changes the playlist "100% Motivation! "

9. The invisible
He, you will never see him! It's your friend who can not train because he still has knee pain (it's going to be 6 years old anyway), or your girlfriend who can not start again because she has never time! So can not wait to return to the room to observe all this beautiful people? And what category do you belong to?
The "All-Connected" In The Fitness Rooms

I had the opportunity to test new "all connected" machines. The principle is simple: when you badge, the machine adapts by positioning your size, your amplitude, your numbers of reps. This connected everything can be very interesting to prevent injuries, to save time. However, is the "all-connected" in fitness rooms not an obstacle to building social connections? This first article will deal with the "all-connected" level of the practitioner. A second article will focus on the machine and coaching part.